Why Choose Us


Build your vision with us.


We keep each of our clients involved in the process from start to finish so that when the job is done, our end result matches your initial vision.  

Ground Four's project planning method will ensure that your project stays on task and on budget. We are here to help every step of the way!


Our Project Planning Method



Consultation with client to determine scope of the project at hand, and collaborate expectations to execute project goals and visions.



Provide a comprehensive list of project deliverables for each phase including budgets and a detailed project material list to be signed off and agreed upon prior to start date.



Begin the process of the planning by collaborating with trusted trade partners to ensure a smooth transition throughout the entire project, including time lines for every trade involved.



If necessary, all building permits and approvals will be put in place prior to the first day on site. Submission and approval of all work being done with the client and with the Planning and Development Jurisdiction.



Once the project starts, all planning and resources are determined and agreed upon between Ground Four and the client, following the suggested timeline and budget. Weekly project updates are provided to address any questions or concerns.



Upon job completion, a final consultation between Ground Four and the client is carried out to make certain all work is to 100% satisfaction.